Over the last year I have been lucky enough to work with some well known names as well as some of the most up and coming brands hitting the health food industry. I have done food photography for brands, written recipes, featured products, created my own meat box and successfully completed my first Giveaway. Keep scrolling down for my Christmas Health offer!

Brands I have worked with include:

Companies I've worked with

I have been featured in the following magazines and websites.

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  • Paleo Cooking (One on one or groups of up to 5)
  • Recipe development and creation
  • Product reviews (from ingredients, drinks to kitchenware and lifestyle)
  • Nutritional advice / diabetic advice (* I am not a dr but have lived as a T1D for 11 yrs. I have an HBA1C of 5% and understand what does and does not work for my blood sugar)
  • Food Photography
  • Brand Photography

Over the last year I have built up a good rapport with a number of clients, those that need support and those that need dietary advice. Through my Paleo cookery classes (at your home, up to 5 people), Paleo dinner parties or one on one coaching. What ever your need, I can cater for you.

Separately, if you would like food photography, brand photography or for me to create a bespoke recipe for you, your company or if you are a PR agent then please fill in the form below detailing what you need and the time scale and I will respond within 24 hours.

If you would like my latest social media statistics or my blog reach please contact me.


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