Sticky Honey, Garlic and Red Onion Sausages

It’s finally here, the night before Christmas. The streets are deserted, windows glowing with festive warmth, there’s a winter chill in the air and an impending sense of magic. Tree’s are sparkling and laden below them brightly covered packages ready to be flung open, loved and enjoyed. Smells of Christmas spices fill the air, the turkey’s basted, the veg is prepped, corks are popping and the mulled wine’s simmering. And breathe.

It wouldn’t be Christmas, in my humble opinion without my sticky honey, garlic and red onion sausages. They are warming, moreish, delicious and will bring any room of distant relatives together in a second. Quick to make, with lots of added options to include, they are a Christmas snack for anyone and something that any gluten or dairy intolerance sufferer can indulge in.

I wish you all a beautiful Christmas full of love, laughter and delicious foodie indulgence.


What you need:
To make 20 finger sausages

*500g / 17.63oz Butchers gluten-free sausages (I use 100% meat, but if you are not intolerant /or Paleo then you can use any old sausage! You can also use chipolatas without any need to cut them up!)
*1 tbsp Coconut Oil (I use Lucy Bee)
*1 Medium red onion
*1tsp Chilli flakes
*1 tsp Wholegrain mustard (A wonderful recipe for how to make homemade Wholegrain mustard)
*1 tsp Raw Honey
*3 Garlic cloves
*1 Pinch salt

Optional extras to add: Orange zest, cranberries, toasted sesame seeds, toasted hazelnuts, sage, spring onion


  • Preheat oven to 190°c / 374°f
  • Chop up sausages in to edible bite-sized pieces. (I cut each one in to approximately 4)
  • In to a pan over heat place coconut oil and allow to melt. Brown off sausages and after about 2 minutes add red onion and garlic allow to soften
  • Stir in honey, wholegrain mustard, chilli flakes and salt
  • Pour mixture in to a baking dish / roasting tray
  • Pop in to the oven for about 25 minutes- until brown and sticky
  • Serve immediately (be aware, piping hot) or allow to cool and graze on at your leisure . They are just as delicious cold as they are hot

















 Happy Christmas to you all.



Mrs P


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5 thoughts on “Sticky Honey, Garlic and Red Onion Sausages

  1. As you are ahead hours from us in USA we are enjoying the company of family and friends! Lovely foods, appetizers, desserts and with great anticipation of exchanging gifts soon! We send our heartfelt Greetings to you on this Christmas Eve! X Cheryl

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