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Vegetarian Paleo

Paleo Porridge
Cauliflower Rice, Green Goddess Style
Gooey Paleo Chocolate Cake
A Very Green Dip
Chilli and lemongrass scallops: mid week feast!
Blueberry and cinnamon omelette
Mrs P's Chocolate Orange Nutty Balls!
Fruity breakfast smoothie pots
Roasted tomato and butternut squash curry
Raw chocolate brownies
Mini muffin omelettes
Mrs P's courgette and walnut bread (gluten and dairy free)
Spicy butternut squash soup
Green Goddess scrambled eggs
Chocolate paleo porridge
Wok a rainbow: Broccoli, chilli, garlic and ginger prawns
Mrs P's Raw Cheatcakes
Simple homemade granola
Homemade almond milk
Mrs P's NO bread picnic rolls
A chocoholics dream: dairy-free chocolate milk
Coconut pesto courgetti
Coconut Bounty Bites
Mixed berry mini muffin omelettes
Rainbow chicken skewers with roasted red pepper pesto dip
Paleo "no bread" crisp breads
Baked salmon with ginger, lemon and garlic
Baked eggs in avocado
Nuts about apricot bars!
Mrs P's nutty mushroom risotto
Roasted red pepper and smokey cherry tomato soup
Olive, spinach and spring onion "no bread" muffins
The perfect steak
Mrs P's aromatic cauliflower veggie burgers
The Orange Powerhouse
Raw Key Lime Paleo Pie
Mrs P's spiced carrot paleo porridge
Simple Paleo Scotch Eggs
Crispy Coconut Chicken Nuggets
Perfect Brunch Frittata
Mrs P's Guilt-free Thai Green Curry
Baked cod with homemade pistachio pesto crust
Raw Orange Chocolate "Cheatcake"
Mint chocolate fudge bars
Paleo Orange and Almond Cake
Mushrooms Stuffed With Brazil Nut Pesto
Warm kale, fig and butternut squash salad with a tahini dressing
Mango breakfast cream pot
Squashed Frittata
Mrs P's secret curry
Cinnamon granola with a mixed berry compote
A warm salad to welcome Autumn
Almond Nut Butter
Mrs P's Courgetti Meatball Bolognese
Creamy Cinnamon Cashew Nut Milk
Mrs P's Pistachio and Blackberry cake
Curried Carrot Soup
Sandwich Loaf
Mrs P's Overnight Chocolate "No Oats" Porridge
Garlic mushrooms and coconut courgetti
Warming Beetroot, Coconut and Garlic Soup
Mrs P's Apple Crumble And Custard
Sweet n' spicy chilli and honey roasted pumpkin seeds
Mrs P's Chocolate Buttery Almond Cups
Smoked Paprika Kale Chips
Baked Bramley Apples with Spiced Blueberry
Roasted Cod And Chorizo Fish Cakes
Decadent Hazelnut Chocolate Butter
Blueberry and Vanilla Pancakes
Nut Butter Chicken Curry
Homemade raw chocolate advent calendar
Mini Carrot Cakes With Cashew And Vanilla Frosting
Winter Warming Root Vegetable Soup
Pan-Fried Festive Sprouts With Orange, Chorizo, Cranberries and Hazelnuts
Creamy Macadamia, Apple and Cinnamon Porridge
Paleo Nut, Seed, Apple and Fig Loaf
Gluten-Free Gingerbread Christmas Cookies
Paleo Smoked Trout Mousse
Sticky Honey, Garlic and Red Onion Sausages
Blueberry Breakfast Muffins
Parsnip and Apple Soup
Raw Apple and Cinnamon Bars
Blueberry, Raspberry and Mango Smoothie
Paleo Chicken Tikka Curry
Sesame Chicken Goujons and Avocado Chilli Cream
Mrs P's Super Green Smoothie
Mrs P's Chocoholics Chocolate Mousse
Spiced Apple Granola Clusters
Slow-Roasted Salt and Pepper Pulled Pork
Raw Chocolate Raspberry Kisses
Paleo Chilli Chicken and Almond Satay
Roasted Red Pepper Pesto Courgetti
Coconutty Bliss Balls
Paleo Mayonnaise
Layered Smoothie Pot With Berry Coulis
Simple Blueberry Breakfast Slice
Roasted Butternut Squash with Broccoli Pesto
Paleo No Bake Hot Cross Buns
Courgette (zucchini), Spring Onion and lime fritters
Paleo Cumin Flatbread
Sweet Potato and Kale rosti with baked eggs
Cracked Pepper and Sea Salt Multi-seed Crackers
Chocolate Chia and Caramelised Date Pudding
Apple and sage pork meatballs
Blueberry And Almond Butter Smoothie
Garlic Chicken And Almond Stuffed Pepper
Raw Fruit and Nut Chocolate Crunch Pieces
Kale, Garlic and Avocado Dip
Paleo Apple and Cinnamon Breakfast Muffins
Mango Coulis and Cream Ice Lollies
Tahini Courgetti with chilli mango dressing
Simple Herb Pastry (Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Low Carb)
Crispy Paprika Prawns
Spinach and Onion Quiche (Gluten free, Dairy free)
Mrs P's Chocolate Fudge Aubergine Brownies
English Breakfast Mini Frittatas
Chilli and Lemon Roasted Almonds
No-Bake Chocolate Orange & Chia Energy Balls
Banana and Chia muffins (Vegan / Egg-Free )
Double Chocolate Superfood Cups
Smoked Paprika, Apple and Thyme Meatballs
4 Ingredient Ginger nut Cookies
Paleo Pumpkin Pie
Sun-Dried Tomato Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms
Roasted Fennel and Brussels Sprouts with Orange & Almonds
Christmas Pudding Energy Balls (RAW AND VEGAN)
One Pan Sweet Potato Fudge Brownies
4 Ingredient Blueberry and Nut Butter Muffin Omelettes
5 Ingredient Cinnamon Spiced Christmas Cookies
Superfood Paleo Bread
Mrs P's Paleo 2016 Guide
Paleo Tenderstem®, Cherry Tomato & Salmon Quiche
Double Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Nests (Raw / Vegan / Paleo)
Mrs P's Pesto Baked Chicken
4 Ingredient Mango Breakfast Slice
Butternut Squash and Almond Butter Curry
Some exciting news!
Raw Chocolate Shortbread Squares
My knickers don't fit, but I'd do anything for you baby. (22 Week Update)
Sweet Potato, Leek and Lime Fritters
What I Ate Wednesday!
Hazelnut Chocolate Ice Cream Pops (Sugar-Free & Vegan)
26 Week Pregnancy Update
Pesto Muffin Frittatas
28-29 Week Pregnancy Update
Sesame And Sweet Potato Bites
Guilt-Free Cinnamon Spiced Rustic Apple Pie
Big Scare and 30-32 Week Pregnancy Update
33 Week Pregnancy Update
Healthy Banana Bread
34-35 Week Pregnancy Update
Introducing Our Beautiful Baby Girl.
Pork, Apple and Sage Savoury Bites
Mother's Instinct
Flourless Ginger Cake With Ginger Cream
Double Chocolate Caramel Shortbread Squares
Lemon and sesame kale crisps
Planning and pregnancy with Type One Diabetes
Mini four ingredient banana and blueberry pancakes (for babies and adults too)
Cauliflower cheesy bites
4 ingredient banana and chocolate chip loaf
Cheese and onion quiche with a sweet potato and fennel crust
Blueberry Yoghurt Cake
Low Carb Pesto Pizza (+ Video)

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