Decadent Hazelnut Chocolate Butter

I was never a huge fan of Nutella, for me it was always too sickly sweet and the added dairy has always left me feeling bloated and unwell. However, I do love the combination of hazelnuts and chocolate so I thought I would share my own raw chocolate nut butter with you. Its super easy to make, contains an invaluable amount of antioxidants and won’t leave you with any bloating or unnecessary blood glucose high. The addition of the raw honey is optional. For me, I usually leave it out as I find the hazelnuts give enough of there own natural sweetness but if you have a sweet tooth then the addition of some honey will only heighten the decadence of this chocolatey goo butter.


What you need:

1 x Food Processor (I use a Kitchen Aid)
1 x Kilner Jar (I use square clip tops from Kilner Jar)

*0.25 cup Almond Milk
*150g Hazelnuts (I use blanched hazelnuts as they create a creamier consistency)
*1tsp Honey, raw (1tsp maple syrup – if Vegan)
*0.5 seeds of one vanilla pod, raw (Use 1/4 tsp vanilla essence if you do not have raw vanilla)
*2 heaped tsps Raw cacao


  • In to your food processor place the hazelnuts and blitz until they go from a solid state to a creamy liquid state
  • Add in the cacao, vanilla pod seeds, raw honey and blitz further. It will start to solidify again and crumble, keep going for about 1-2 minutes. Then add in almond milk until desired consistency. It will immediately go creamy but still thick
  • Spoon in to a kilner jar and keep sealed
  • Great for using on porridge, breads, as icing on cakes and in smoothies
















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13 thoughts on “Decadent Hazelnut Chocolate Butter

  1. I used to love nutella; I’m talking eating a jar in one sitting here! But since going sugar free (and high fat) I find it not just too sweet but really oily. I still love homemade though but hadn’t yet considered cutting down on the sweetness so much. Will give your version a go as it sounds lovely!

    • Wow- you really did used to love Nutella! I have a friend who’s so obsessed with it that even though she’s allergic to dairy she STILL eats it!! So naughty !
      I find, in this that a little honey really lifts the chocolate flavour and it tastes so decadent! Look forward to hearing how you enjoy it!

    • I have been keeping it in the cupboard for the last 2weeks and it’s still just as fresh as when I made it- but the temperatures a lot cooler at the moment. Keeping it in the fridge would probably be preferable for added shelf life!

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