Christmas Gift Ideas (Plus lots of Black Friday discounts!)

So we’ve whizzed passed the month mark to Christmas and now it’s Black Friday, where the world seems to have gone discount crazy! I’ve been compiling my perfect Christmas List for a while and since there are a few discounts, not to be missed today, I thought I would share the list- just in case any of you lot wanted to get some shopping done early!

I will continue to add to this list over the next couple of weeks and I’ll add more cheeky discounts in where I can too. Every product I have listed below, I own or have tried (hence why it’s pretty selective), so I’m not sharing anything that I don’t believe in or like. I have bought in to so many products before that bloggers rave about in their round-up lists, only to get the product and be hugely disappointed.

From the health nut to the foodie, to the girl obsessed with patterned work out leggings, hopefully you will find that there’s something for everyone!

In the meantime, Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Black Friday and Happy Weekend my friends.


Paleo Books:

This is a small selection of the Paleo books that I own, recommend and love! Each one has its own uniqueness and they are all packed with beautiful food and photography. I get emails a lot from readers asking which books I recommend, well, these are my top 3 books. 

  1. Perfectly Paleo

The most BEAUTIFUL book! Filled with incredible food photography and recipes any one who’s starting out Paleo will be dying to try- crackers, paleo pastry anyone and amazing sauces…It’s a big book and worth every penny!


2. Eat, Drink, Paleo 

A beautiful book, packed with amazing recipes and lots of interesting information. Perfect for those new to Paleo, or those looking for some great recipes.


3. The Paleo Patisserie 

I bought this book off Amazon after seeing about 20 different reviews from bloggers writing in utter awe of Jenni Hullet. This will probably be the best book you will ever own. Especially if you have a sweet tooth and are dairy-free / gluten-free or just plain old Paleo. It’s rammed with the most mouth-watering cakes. Everything’s so beautifully photographed and she writes with such passion and precision.


Organic Beauty:

Because loving what you put on your body is as important as what you put IN to your body!

Green People 

A lot of the products I use are Green People and I have begun, over the last year or so, to heavily rely on the brand. Green People are the UK’s most loved Natural & Organic skin care brand. Sensitive and eczema friendly skin solutions for all the family. They are committed to offering products that are 100% natural, certified organic and highly effective.

Discount: 3 for 2 on everything until 30th November – CLICK HERE




Inika mineral foundation

Inika are a beautiful brand, certified organic, vegan, halal, and cruelty-free. Their products are all beautifully packaged and work amazingly on my skin. I have to be careful with a lot of make up products, but these ones really have been the best I have used and ones I buy again and again. Their mineral range of make up is light weight and lasts all day.

Inika mineral Blusher

The most beautiful and feminine blushers! They last for a very long time as you only need the smallest amount. I am still on my first pot which I got back in March….I wear it most days and there’s still over half left. 


For Mrs Fitness:

My Protein are not only awesome for practically anything health related (nut butters, vitamins, nuts, dried fruit.etc) but they also have an extensive and really comfortable work out range. I have 2 pairs of their work out leggings and I have already got another 2 on my Xmas list to Santa. 

DISCOUNT : Up to 70% off until November 29th CLICK HERE.

DISCOUNT: 25% off all clothing CLICK HERE 

Work out leggings: The leggings from My Protein are incredibly comfortable, light weight and look beautiful too! Who wouldn’t want to go to the gym sporting a pair of these! 













For those that love cooking:

Copper Pans:

There is no greater gift (in my opinion) then a brilliant set of pans. If you are looking for beautiful, sturdy AND affordable pans then look no further than Proware. You can read my review here (and there’s a giveaway until December 6th) . 



Food Processor:

Quite possibly the best Christmas present any one who loves cooking / baking / creating could ever wish for!
Out of all my kitchen utensils, this is the one I use every single day without fail. It does pretty much everything you could ever wish for (except taking the dog for a walk and washing up), is immensely sturdy and looks pretty incredible on the kitchen work top too. 

I swear by KitchenAid Food Processor. There are several different styles, colours and different price brackets too (from £124-£389). Click this LINK to go through to the processors.  
















For the foodie:

What better present for a foodie than food, and all at the click of a button! 

Primal Snack Box: (Vegan friendly too!)

Enjoy eating like a modern-day caveman/ woman this Christmas with a beautifully packed box filled with nutritious and delicious goodies. 

DISCOUNT: Get 15% off everything by using the code BFRIDAY



Field and Flower Box: (For the Meat Lover)

If you love meat, fish, cheese and condiments, then Field and Flower are the company for you. Design your own box, or choose one already put together, they have an array of incredible produce. Organic, grass-fed, free-range…you name it, they certainly tick all the Paleo Boxes. 

Here are my favourites:

  1. Madeleine Shaw’s Healthy Living Box


2. 3 Bird Roast (Turkey, duck and pheasant)

For the perfect Christmas day dinner, this is a delicious option that will get the whole table talking!

3. Catch of the Day Box 



Rawco Coconut Set (coconut oil, coconut butter, coconut aminos)

Rawco are a brilliant company who have literally exploded on to the health scene this year and seem to be going from strength to straight. I think Universe takeover might be next. 

OFFER: The rawCo coconut bundle for Black Friday £15 (including UK free delivery) includes all three of their coconut products; coconut oil, coconut flour and coconut amino sauce – three store cupboard essentials to improve your health and well-being and help you create some delicious home-made dishes from scratch. Buy it HERE.



Nut Butter Addict

I admit it, I am a nut butter addict. I’ve been one for about a year now and I’ve sampled more nut butter pots than I care to admit. Having been lucky enough to sample the delights of nut butter all too often, I have also been able to work out who’s nut butter is the best and by best I mean taste AND value! 

In firm first place is My Protein’s cashew nut butter and almond nut butter. They also do an option for peanut butter – I am mighty sure it’s delicious, but I don’t eat it. 

Smooth or crunchy, eat it straight from the pot, put it in smoothies, make biscuits out of it, give home-made chocolate some excitement…..whatever you choose to do with it I urge you try it.

DISCOUNT : Up to 70% off until November 29th CLICK HERE.


















Enjoy, and happy shopping!


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